CMF Educational Funds

CMF Education and Training Fund:  This special educational grant was first given to the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation in Toronto in 2011 by the CMF for their Mesothelioma Research Program. The Fund was established to expand the educational mandate of their Program. Initiatives that it supports may include but are not limited to fellowships, and other educational and training opportunities for Canadian and international health care professionals in mesothelioma. Such initiatives would promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge between Princess Margaret Hospital and other centres and physicians in Canada and abroad. For more information about the Fund and how CMF funds have been used to date, please see the report attached below.

The CMF is committed to continuing to support these educational activities by the PMH Mesothelioma Research Program.

In addition to this particular educational grant, other physicians and centres in Canada can contact the CMF to apply for an educational grant to support their educational endeavors to improve the diagnosis and treatment of Canadian patients with mesothelioma. Potential activities that might be considered for funding include seminars or education days on mesothelioma for primary health care workers, more in-depth educational activities for health care providers already working in the area of mesothelioma, or to promote exchange of information and expertise between centres or physicians in Canada who might be involved in caring for patients with mesothelioma.

To learn more about CMF educational grants please contact us.