Jennifer's Journey: Launch of EcoSynthetix CMF fundraising campaign

The CMF is proud to announce a new fundraising campaign, "Jennifer's Journey," launched by EcoSynthetix Corp., a Canadian biopolymer firm based in Burlington, Ontario.  Their fundraising team was created on behalf of a dear friend and loved one, Mrs. Jennifer van Leeuwen, whom was recently diagnosed with Mesothelioma. The "Jennifer's Journey" team raised almost $2K at a recent Valentine's Day charity event (see attachment at bottom of page) and will continue to conduct various initiatives in the near future in order to engage their community in the fight against mesothelioma cancer.  Check back often to learn about future events and for updates on the team's progress. 100% of funds raised for the CMF through this initiative will go to support knowledge sharing, awareness raising and capacity building efforts amongst the medical community as well as mesothelioma patients and their families.

To learn more about the EcoSynthetix fundraising campaign, please contact:

Alessandra Profetto
Tel/Fax:  +1 (289)878-0286

Donations to the "Jennifer's Journey" fundraising campaign, may be made online to the CMF at the following website.  Follow the prompts and choose, "Jennifer's Journey," from the drop-down box allowing selection of the specific CMF fund or designation.  Alternatively, visit our donation page to learn how to donate by cheque or credit.

ECOSYNTHETIX®is a global supplier of innovative biopolymers for key industries, including paper and board. We deliver cost-effective, bio-based materials having performance capabilities equal to or superior totraditional petroleum-based products, while also offering significant
carbon footprint reductions. Independent testing shows that ourEcoSphere®biolatex®binders deliver improved coater runnability.  For more information about our company please visit our website at: