CMF awarded Upper Canada Medal


For Immediate Release: February 2, 2017 The Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation receives Upper Canada Medal from Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation The Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation (CMF) is honoured to receive the Upper Canada Medal from Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation (TG&WHF) and the Toronto Mesothelioma Program at University Health Network (UHN). The Upper Canada Medal, originally created by the Loyal and Patriotic Society of Upper Canada, recognized the service of volunteer soldiers in the War of 1812. Recognizing an even greater need, the Society decided in 1829 to reduce the medals to gold bullion to pay for building the original Toronto General Hospital. Today, TG&WHF honours special donors by awarding these medals in recognition of distinguished philanthropic support. The award is being presented by Dr. Marc de Perrot, Head of the Toronto Mesothelioma Program, to Dr. Eudice Goldberg, Chair of the CMF and other members of the CMF Board in recognition of their ongoing generous support of the Program through annual grants. “All of us in the Toronto Mesothelioma Program are grateful to the CMF for its generous support.” says Dr. de Perrot. “For nearly ten years, the CMF has been a committed partner in our educational mandate. By enabling us to train the next generation of leaders in mesothelioma care and research, the CMF is helping patients across Canada access effective treatment, while also inspiring discoveries that improve health outcomes for people living with mesothelioma.” “The CMF is honoured to accept this award. We know how important it is to support the work of Dr. de Perrot and others in the Toronto Mesothelioma Program” says Dr. Goldberg. “They offer hope to those diagnosed with mesothelioma.” Mesothelioma is a de vastating disease caused almost exclusively by exposure to asbestos. Asbestos-related diseases are the number one cause of death in the Canadian workplace, with more than 500 Canadians diagnosed annually with mesothelioma and, unfortunately, many of them succumbing to this terrible cancer. The cutting-edge UHN program does offer hope for people diagnosed with this disease. Clinical trials and the latest in treatments are making a difference! The CMF grants support the training of physicians; building their knowledge and expertise, and improving screening and treatment for mesothelioma. The Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation is a registered charity devoted to raising awareness and understanding of mesothelioma. In addition to these and other educational grants, it provides support to those diagnosed with the disease and their families. Please visit the Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation website for more information: -20- For more info: Sheila Kirouac, Executive Director Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation Dr. Eudice Goldberg, Chair Board of Directors Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation