What new Ontario-led research says about mesothelioma

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Dr. Paul Demers (a member of the CMF's Scientific Advisory Committee), Alec Farquar and Lee Loftus (members of the CMF Board of Directors) are quoted in an article entitled "What new Ontario-led research says about mesothelioma". To read the full article, which was published in TVO on October 22, 2020: https://www.tvo.org/article/what-new-ontario-led-research-says-about-mesothelioma

A summary of the research study "Mesothelioma: Epidemiology and Prognosis" (which compared cases in British Columbia and Ontario over a 25-year period, from 1993 to 2017) is expected to be posted on the Occupational Cancer Research Centre's website by the end of October 2020.