The information we provide, as a charitable organization, is for general information only.  

We don’t provide compensation, make claims or provide specific advice on legal recourse or compensation claims for asbestos-related disease.  We don’t recommend any one professional, or law firm, over another.

Each person’s situation is unique and each case may vary significantly.  If you believe you may be entitled to compensation, we encourage you to seek expert and/or legal advice from a qualified professional.

Entitlement to compensation

Receiving news that you or a loved one has mesothelioma can be overwhelming. As with any cancer diagnosis, critical decisions need to be made about treatment options, therapy, patient care and compensation.  Exposure to asbestos is the only known cause of mesothelioma, and as most exposures occurred more than 30 years before diagnosis it is important to seek advice on your entitlements to compensation.

Compensation may be available regardless of whether:

  • The injured person was exposed at work
  • The injured person was exposed in the home (e.g., carrying out home renovation work)
  • The injured person is a “secondary victim” (meaning someone who is exposed through the clothes of a person who worked with asbestos)
  • The injured person was self employed
  • The employer is no longer in business
  • The exposure occurred outside Canada
  • The injured person is now deceased

There are several options for compensation which you need to know about.

  1. To learn about workers’ compensation entitlements, click here.
  2. There are special Compensation Trust Funds which have been established for the purpose of compensating victims of asbestos disease from Canada and the USA. Over $35 billion has been put into these Trust Funds, and they are available for victims and their families no matter how they were exposed – including exposure at work, in the home, or as a secondary victim. To learn more about these Trust Funds, click here.
  3. If the exposure to asbestos occurred outside Canada, compensation may be available in the country where the exposure occurred. To lean more, click here.